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women leading the wayThank you for taking time out of your busy life to join us on this web site. This is a place where we celebrate the many ways that women lead. Each month we feature a story of a woman stepping up to lead the way - in her community, workplace, country, or tribe. We also offer capacity building activities and resources for nurturing all women in continuing to enhance our leadership skills and extend our influence. Knowing that we amplify our power when we connect with others, this site provides ways for women to learn with and from one another across cultures. We invite you to send stories of women you know who are making a difference in the world, and to submit methods and strategies you find effective in your own work as a leader.

What is the intention of this site? What will you find here?

EstelleWhat do leaders do?

In this case, the leader enhances the food security of Madagascar.

Herimpitia Estelle Antilahy - a Leader in Social and Economic Change

Learn how Estelle weaves her technical expertise and deep respect and care for the people of her country to help them adopt new agricultural strategies that will support more sustainable quantities of nutritious and affordable food. See how she lives out her own values around good leadership.

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Articles and News

Betty Kagoro and TEUWhatever other leadership we may provide in our communities, parenting or leading children is probably the most important impact we have.   Betty Kagoro’s article in our site's Articles & Essays section provides insight and practical strategies for helping the children in our lives develop healthy self-esteem.  High self-esteem means we trust ourselves to be able to influence our future, that we “bounce back” from disappointments, and that we appreciate diverse perspectives. 

Learn more about Betty, founder of Teen Empowerment Uganda >


In our News section, in Talking Out-loud About Menstruation see how Heather Watson, Britain’s top female tennis star, inadvertently opened up a taboo subject.



Amplifying Women's Impact

Visit the  "Developing Women's Leadership ~Around the Globe" page to learn about building community across cultures at the Women's Leadership Summit. or click here to watch video highlights of the Summit.

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Visit the Blog: Women's Voices: Creating a New Story

The role of women in global leadership – in our homes, communities, organizations and our countries – is emerging in powerful ways every day in locations all around the globe.  Recent Blog posts reveal how Weub (Ethiopia), Betty (Uganda), and Claudine (Burkina Faso) are leading. 

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About Barbara Spraker

Barbara SprakerBarbara Spraker, an educator, is a catalyst for transformation. She is passionate about drawing out and amplifying women's power.

Our future depends on women's leadership - leadership based on creating space  for diverse voices to be heard, nurturing creativity and compassion, building relationships of trust where shared vision can emerge, and collaborating in action to bring those visions into reality.

Barbara teaches in the Center for Creative Change at Antioch University Seattle and has led capacity-building workshops for women for more than 20 years. Read Barbara's bio>>