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September 2018

As two friends and I settled in with coffee at an outdoor café on a recent sunny afternoon, our relaxed, “catch up with each other,” conversation unexpectedly became more reflective and philosophical – as one after the other of us shared thoughts about a book we’d read this summer that moved us. The theme that […]

Burkina Faso, Part 2

October 28 – November 5, 2014 Using Power – – – Building Global Community Yes, I’m obsessed, I suppose with the many faces of power as it relates to creating Global Community.    It seems so obvious to me that we are a Global Community – whether or not we want to be  – – – […]

Burkina Faso, Part 1

October 28 – November 5, 2014 The many faces of Power  As we prepared for moving on to Burkina Faso, our final destination on this incredible journey, it was time to focus once again on the purpose of the trip: . . . . .to contribute to our world an energy and wisdom that seems […]

Uganda, October 27, 2014

Uganda, October 27, 2014 Village Life “Connecting Ideas . . . The Power of Questions” The theme emerging for me as I reflect on our experience in Uganda is, for sure, interdependence.    The reality of connection – not just the connections among humans, or the connection between humans and the rest of the natural world […]

Some Awesome Ugandan Women

Sent October 12, 2014:  Lunch with participants in Betty’s Conversation Winnie Noting that she is 53, Winnie explained that she was “slowing down a bit” from a hectic travel schedule required by her development work. She shared her “retirement plan:”  Starting a Day Care School so that career women can know their children are getting […]

Engaging with Uganda

Sent October 10, 2014 Approaching Uganda by air is a forecast of the sensuality of this country.  The rainy season has left the countryside green – trees, bushes, fields, a rich contrast to the vivid orange/rust of the soil itself.  As I sit here now, in the living room of our B & B – […]

Rich Tradition Meets the Future: Ethiopia Part 2

Sent October 10, 2014: Experiences in Ethiopia But what about my intention for this travel – to amplify the impact of feminine  energy and women’s leadership?    For me, it always comes back to sharing stories of what women ARE doing, how they are contributing to their families and communities.  Three experiences are worthwhile to share. […]

Rich Tradition Meets the Future: Ethiopia Part 1

Experiences in Ethiopia  ~  September 25 to October 5, 2014 We were hosted in Ethiopia by the gracious Weub Eshetu and her family.  At Weub’s encouragement, our travel to Addis Ababa was specifically planned to coincide with the Meskel, one of the largest celebrations in Ethiopia.  On our first day in Addis, Weub and her […]