Bio: Roslyn Ericksen – Seattle WA USA

Roslyn is currently working as a Senior Account Manager with The Hartford.  She has been in the insurance industry for over 15 years working with large employers to optimize their health and welfare benefit programs.

RozIn her work with these large employers, Roz became intrigued by the impact that a company’s culture and “personality” has on productivity, morale and even benefit utilization.  In recent years, companies have started to focus on: absenteeism, presenteeism, happiness in the workplace.  They’ve sought to understand how these issues relate to the social connections employees have within a company and how those connections relate to the health of a company and it’s employees.  It’s through these types of conversations, that companies are changing the relationship they have with their employees and even their customers and the communities where they do business..

In December of 2011, Roz graduated from Antioch University with a Masters in Organizational Psychology.  Her focus of study and inquiry was exploring the power of the feminine, specifically in western corporate environments.  She looked at the gifts of the feminine: cooperation, collaboration, relationships, nurturing, and intuition and how they could be better supported, accessed, utilized, integrated and incorporated within the corporate world.

In one of her projects through Antioch, Roz designed and facilitated a strategic partnership between The Hartford and local community non-profit groups (Northwest Center and Provail Organization).   This was mutually beneficial to each organization through the joint participation in meaningful service within the greater Seattle community.

Roz continues to work with groups within the Seattle Community, including Northwest Center, Provail, United Way and Plymouth Housing Group just to name a few.  She is also working on some continued projects at Antioch, including this exciting project for Developing Women’s Leadership around the Globe.



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