Bio: Weubamlak Eshetu – Ethiopia

Weub is a consultant and trainer in the Ethiopian Management Institute. Her   main responsibilities include training, consulting and coaching of leaders, managers and employees of government, NGO’s and private organizations. This task also helped her to realize the potential that women have in the development of their society.

WeubHer role as a consultant and trainer creates an opportunity for her to meet many women from various capacities from the grassroots level to the higher leadership position, from many sectors as well and from all parts of the country. Even if the role of women in the society is undeniable it is ironic how the number of women who get the opportunity to learn new ways and update themselves is very low.  It also puzzled her that the number of women decreases when going up the ladder. This reality convinced her to do whatever it takes in her capacity to change the reality of women in her country.

To change this reality she is trying to help women in her society by giving advice, consulting with them, sharing ideas, and giving them trainings on managing and developing themselves. She supports many women to realize their potential and use every opportunity to use it. She believes that women have the capacity but usually they lack the opportunity to exercise it and if they get an opening to realize their capacity and use it.  I believe that if we give them opportunity women can change their community, their country and even the world. I believe in the power of women

In 2011, she was accepted as a Hubert Humphrey Fellow, a program supported by the U.S. Department of State. During this fellowship year Weub engaged in graduate-level academic courses at University of Washington, participated in professional development activities, and also participated in many community activities and forums.





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