Creating a New Story

We live by story.  Not by facts, and not by reason.  Even though facts and our ability to think and reason are important parts of our lives  – they are secondary to story.

The story about women and our place in the world, the one we tell ourselves, the one history describes, the one that holds the assumptions that influence decisions and interpretations all around the world – that story was written by men.

Our responsibility – and our opportunity – is to create our own story!

As one of the senators in Burkina Faso (a country in West Africa) recently commented, women make up over half the population of the world and therefore they must give guidance, advice and vision for a suitable life.

Elinor Alexander, Capacity-Building Advisor at World Vision International, puts it this way:  “Women own the responsibility and authority to co-envision and co-create the world.  It is not women’s job to support a male world, but rather “to bring our own perspective, our own gifts of leading through relationship, of tenderness, of nurturing, of warrior protectiveness of those we’ve birthed and those who need it.” (see Elinor’s Story at

The intention of this blog is to contribute to that new story, to share perspectives and insight from women around the world as we co-create our own story!