Capacity Building Resources

Introduction:  One of the gifts of women’s leadership is an awareness of the dynamic nature of life.  We know reality is continually emerging.  We know it because we experience our bodies changing in monthly cycles.  We know it because we are tuned to the continual development of children, both before they are born and after they are born.  We realize that no matter how skilled we may be, life is a journey, and we are drawn to continue to learn new skills and to enhance our capacity to understand and lead in a changing world.

While much of our learning comes from our own experience, from role models, and from interactions with others –  the activities, and methodologies you will find in this section may be useful resources as you intentionally pursue enhancing your effectiveness as a leader, increasing your confidence and extending your influence.

In this section we focus on three areas of development:

Starting at the Center:  Personal Strengths, Values  and Vision
This is our inner work – understanding ourselves, tuning in to our purpose, discerning our vision.

Connecting with Others: Team Building, Interpersonal Skills and Project Management
This is enhancing our connection with others, becoming aware of our impact on others, developing strategies for facilitating good communication, increasing our skills of helping others come together and work together productively.

Extending Our Influence: Community and Organizational Development Strategies
This is learning strategies and methods, and developing skills, for working with larger groups.

The Capacity Building Guide developed through the Developing Women’s Leadership ~ Around the Globe Project contains skill development strategies in each of these areas of development: